Rare gemstones

Passion for gemstones

Very often you see the gem at first glance and at second you see the whole piece of jewelry. A good designed piece of jewelry compliments the gem. The passion of Kiliaan Jewelry is to find beautiful and rare gemstones and minerals outside the normal. And, of course, set them in our jewelry.

The jewelry twin of Kiliaan Jewelry is always looking for uniqueness. That's how we distinguish ourselves. Fortunately gemstones are not that expensive anymore. It is true that you still pay more for a beautiful and special quality.


Best quality gemstones

If we buy gems and minerals we always pay close attention to choose the best quality available. The twin of Kiliaan Jewelry likes to stay as close as possible to the natural gemstone or the mineral (no colored or manmade gems for us).


Graduate gemologist

Because of my study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), we are very fastidious on all the gems that passes our hands when we are on a buying trip.

Do you have a wish for a specific gem and you can't find it in our webshop, please let us know. The twin of Kiliaan Jewelry loves to go on a gem hunt for you. Send us an e-mail: [email protected] and we start working for you. We are also available to advice you when you are looking for a jewelry gift. And with our jewelry gift service we deliver your present wherever you want.

GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG)