Pearls, history and lore

Pearl an organic gemstone

Natural pearls form in a mollusk around an irritant. The mollusk creates layers of nacre around the irritant. With cultureld pearls a bead or piece of tissue is deliberately inserted in the mollusk. This mollusk is coating this insertion with nacre. Unfortunately you hardly find any natural pearls anymore. And if this mother of nature beauty is found it's very expensive.


Pearls and royalty

Pearls are for centuries loved by royalty. You can't blame them the beautiful pearl is a great match with every other gemstone.


Meaning of pearls

In ancient China it was believed that pearls protected against fire and fire-breathing dragons. In Europe the pearl was the symbol of modesty, chastity and purity. 

Pearl zodiac sign Gemini
Pearl birthstone June

In the collection of Kiliaan Jewelry we have several jewelry with freshwater pearls.


How to clean pearls

Taking care of your pearl jewelry Don't forget to put on your pearls last, after putting on your make-up, hairspray and perfume. Because the chemicals in these products can harm your pearls. When you are preparing for bed remove your pearls first, before removing your makeup. Chemicals can damage the nacre of the pearl. Damaged nacre will make the surface of the pearls look dull.

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