Tourmaline birthstone October

October gemstone tourmaline, meaning stones and history


    1. Toramalli means mixed stones in Sinhala. And that was the instant thought of a Dutch merchant when he saw the colorful pebbles
    2. These colorful tourmaline belongs to the zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn
    3. It has been centuries ago since the first tourmaline was discovered in Brazil. When the first green tourmaline was found there was confusion because was this an emerald or not?
    4. Tourmalines are found in different colors from colorless, pink, red, green, blue, yellow to black
    5. The meaning of the tourmaline depends on the color, these are also related to the different chakra's
    6. Pink tourmaline is also called rubellite, the blue tourmaline indigolite and the green variety tourmaline is also named verdelite and the black one goes also by the nickname schorl.
    7. The former Italian royal family (house of Savoy) is in the possession of a parure, including tiara, with pink tourmalines, how exquisite must that be
    8. But the most famous tourmaline is I think the Paraiba tourmaline, an electric blue gemstone that also exists in green and dark blue, but the most sought after is the electric blue one, due to copper. The first Paraiba was found in Brazil
    9. Tourmalines may have been mistaken for other gemstones such as ruby, emerald and sapphire for centuries. Thanks to the development of specialized equipment and gemology, these gems can be identified.
    10. The Chinese Empress Regent (1835 - 1908) loved red and pink tourmaline. The rough stones were sent from the US to China where they cut the stones to decorate the snuff boxes and jewelry were made of these beautiful tourmalines.


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