May birthstone and Gemstone Taurus

Emerald and the zodiac sign Taurus


Meaning emerald

    1. Emerald is a green gem that was already well-known in ancient Egypt
    2. Perhaps the greenest emeralds are found in Muzo, Colombia
    3. Emerald comes from the beryl family and is therefore related to the beautiful blue aquamarine
    4. Can you imagine that the Spanish valued gold and silver more than the beautiful green emerald? The European elite took full advantage of this and exchanged their gold and silver for this green beryl
    5. Emerald is the symbol of abundance and success
    6. Spiritually: this gemstone brings harmony between mind and body
    7. Chakra: emerald belongs to the heart chakra
    8. Belongs to the zodiac sign Taurus
    9. The Mogul Mughal emerald is perhaps one of the most famous emeralds. The 219 carat stone was found in Colombia and sold to the monarchs of the Mughal dynasty. The special feature is the cutout of the Islamic prayer and a beautiful flower on the other side
    10. Queen Elizabeth II is a lucky lady, she can choose from several emerald tiaras. Perhaps the most exceptional is the Queen Victoria emerald and diamond tiara designed by her husband Prince Albert from 1845.


Do you know the alternative birthstone for May the green chrysoprase?

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