Citrine, history and lore


Citrine and Art Deco

Citrine, this yellow beauty is part of the quartz family like the amethyst, smokey quartz and prasiolite. You will find the rough of this yellow to brownish yellow gem mainly in Bolivia and Brazil.

After a lot of this warm yellow rough was send to Idar Oberstein in the 1930's the demand of citrine increased. The sharp-eyed jewelry watchers saw an emerging trend of citrine in Art Deco jewelry. Even Cartier embraced the beauty of citrine and designed an exquisite Art Deco tiara especially for the coronation of King George VI in 1937.

Citrine and Spirituality

Citrine brings positivity and cheerfulness. But this gem also provides extra strength, helps against fatigue and can help to improve the healing process. Citrine belongs to the 3rd chakra.


Citrine birthstone and zodiac signs

Citrine belongs to the zodiac signs Leo and Gemini and is the birthstone November.