June gem: pearl

Pearls and zodiac sign Gemini


Spiritual meaning pearls

  1. Pearls are organic and exist in all kind of colors some natural some colored by human. Colors like: white, black, yellow, orange, pink, liar, green, blue or gray
  2. Zodiac sign Gemini
  3. Age pearls: the most oldest written where pearls are mentioned dates back to 2206 BC
  4. You will find pearl farms in: China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines
  5. Symbol: For centuries the natural pearl was the symbol of wealth and status. Natural pearls are often been passed on from generation to generation 
  6. Magical power: In ancient China it was believed that pearls protected against fire and fire dragons 
  7. Anniversary: 3rd and 30th year
  8. Famous for: In 1917 Pierre Cartier parted a double strand of natural pearls for a house on 5th Avenue in New York
  9. Queen Elizabeth: 3 strands of pearls, her favorite collier
  10. History: The pearl is considered to be the jewel of the seas of the world.