Sapphire, historie and lore

For centuries sapphires are associated with royalty and romance. Would that have been the reason for Prince Charles to choose for the royal blue sapphire engagement ring to give to his then fiancee Lady Diana? She was not that lucky with this beautiful sapphire, but fortunately the gem is in the rematch as the engagement ring of Kate Middleton.

You will find sapphire in all kind of colors, except red because if it's red (corundum) it's a ruby. Besides the blue sapphire and the ruby there are hues like violet, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple, they are called fancy sapphire. Did you know that there are also brown, gray and black sapphires available?

Famous colors sapphire besides the royal blue:
The padparadscha, de pinkish orange sapphire from Sri Lanka. Padparadscha means lotus flower in Sinhalese. You understand the people from Sri Lanka are really fond of this beautiful sapphire naming it like a lotus.

Some stones exhibit the phenomenon known as color change, most often going from blue in daylight or fluorescent lighting to purple under incandescent light.

In ancient Greece and Rome kings and queens where convinced that the blue sapphire brought them protection against envy and harm.
In the Middle Ages people thought that they received heavenly blessings wearing the blue sapphire. Extraordinary characteristics for this beautiful blue gem.

Encourages faithfullness, sincerity, a strong connecting stone. Gives strength.

Zodiac: Tauro, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn.

Birthstone: September.


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