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Jasper, history and lore

Jasper, not one looks the same

You will find jasper in a lot of different colors and patterns. The name of the jasper is often derived from the patterns in that specific sort of jasper.

Some patterns of the various jaspers look like mountains, spheres, or animals (zebra and dalmatian jasper). And there is even a jasper named after the famous Spanish artist: Picasso. Just because the designs in this jasper make people think of his beautiful paintings.

The wide variety of colors and patterns makes the jasper special and unique. Jasper is a variety of chalcedony. 

The name jasper means spotted or speckled stone and it appears in many colors such as red, green, yellow, purple, black, or even multi-colored. It is an opaque variety of quartz and/or chalcedony

Jasper and zodiac signs

Zodiac sign: Virgo,
Red jasper zodiac signs: Capricorn and Scorpio.

Ocean Jasper

The early history of the ocean jasper is a little bit mysterious. The first publication (Alfred Lacroix's Minéralogie de Madagascar) was already in 1922, but nothing was mentioned about the exact location of the deposit of ocean jasper, besides Madagaskar. And the ocean jasper was not even seen by a lot of people.

More than 75 years passed by and in the year 2000 ocean jasper finally made its big entrance at the Tucson Show in Arizona. The new kid on the block was the talk of the town.

The story goes that a group of people searched for ocean jasper. And after 45 days, luck was finally on their side (including low tide), and a deposit of ocean jasper was found. And became available for buyers.

Still, ocean jasper is only mined in two deposits in Madagascar. On the North West side of Madagaskar in the Analalava district in the villages Marovato at the shoreline and one and a half-mile inland by Kabamby. The orbicular patterns are the main characteristics of ocean jasper. This gemstone is also known as orbicular jasper.

Spiritual: cleaning, balancing, and alignment of the chakras.

Dalmatian Jasper

The different types of jasper often owe their name to their appearance, like the dalmatian jasper, or location such as the Bruneau jasper that was originally found in a canyon. But you also have the willow creek jasper or do you know the jasper named after the famous painter Picasso? In this jasper, you will find beautiful drawings. Every piece is unique.

Spiritual meaning jasper

The dalmatian jasper is a strongly protective stone and helps to become more balanced. It works uplifting and gives energy. It also protects against radiation and negative energy. The Dalmatian jasper can help also to remove the negative energy in your body.

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