Bumble bee, history and lore

Bumble bee is found in Java, Indonesia. When the locals discovered the stone they called it 'Batu badar blerang' and believed that it protects the wearer.

Years later, when a traveler came along and saw the 'Batu badar blerang' he was instantly charmed by the beauty of it and decided it to give it a new name: Bumble bee. With the new name the stone began it's journey through the world.



Despite what you will read a lot bumble bee is not a jasper. Bumble bee is a carbonate rich gemstone. Jasper on the other hand is an opaque stone which exists of microcrystalline quartz. 



Bumble bee helps you to find happiness within yourself, to strengthen your intuition and to stay positive in life.

Chakra's : sacral and solar plexus chakra