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Zodiac signs and gemstones


Which gemstone matches my zodiac sign?

Gemstones and zodiac sign Capricorn

December 21 - January 20

People (as well as animals) who are born under the zodiac sign Capricorn often go for what they want and then forget to express their feelings.

Gems and zodiac sign Aquarius

January 21 - February 20

Aquarians are often creative and love their freedom. Maybe this is where their drive for change come from.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Pisces

February 21 - March 20

Pisces are known for being sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, but luckily they know how to handle themselves. The following stones can help them.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Aries

March 21 - April 20

Aries knows what he or she wants in life. This energetic zodiac sign is a really hard worker but they sometimes leaves too little room for their emotions and feelings.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Taurus

April 21 - May 20

Humans and animals with the Taurus zodiac sign love peace and quiet and try to maintain harmony. But make no mistake, this zodiac sign likes security and a feeling of belonging.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Gemini

May 21 - June 20

The practical and rational Gemini are masters in organizing and have a special sensor for their fellow man's feeling.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Cancer

June 21 - July 20

Nothing beats home, a very sensitive zodiac sign who is always looking for safety and loves his habits (breaking it feels unsafe)

Gemstones and zodiac sign Leo

July 21 - August 20

The strong-willed Leo is a bon vivant but also sets high standards for himself and others. This zodiac sign can be difficult to access.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Virgo

August 21 - September 20

Common sense, efficient and sensible, Virgo does not find it easy to express himself. Friendships are  considered and consciously chosen.

Gems and zodiac sign Libra

September 21 - October 20

The quest for the right balance between body, mind and feeling is part of Libra's life. This friendly zodiac sign loves a harmonious life.

Gemstones and zodiac sign Scorpio

October 21 - November 20

People and animals that belongs to this sensitive zodiac sign often have trouble expressing themselves. Perhaps because they tend to think in black and white. They can also be quick-tempered.

Gems and zodiac sign Sagittarius

Nov 21 - Dec 20

Sagittarius is a nature guy and a restless person. A solid base can help to create some security.

Gemstones support zodiac signs

In our list you will also find gemstones (with explanations between brackets) that can balance the strong or vulnerable sides of the zodiac sign. It is important to look closely at someones character because maybe they need a stone that strengthen or just weakens a quality.

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