Turquoise, history and lore

Bringer of hope and happiness
A folk wisdom in ancient Persian was if you wanted to escape evil and achieve happiness, you first have to see the reflection of the new moon on the face of a friend or a turquoise.

Natural shield
Even with the Egyptians and Greeks only good is attributed to the turquoise. For them the turquoise was a protector against evil.

Turquoise is usually sky blue or blue / green and is found in areas where the soil is rich in copper. Besides the blue turquoise, you also can find a green variety, this green color is created under the influence of iron.

Turquoise the guardian. For travellers, turquoise is a good protector against accidents and hazards. But turquoise is also a giver of happiness and satisfaction and last but not least promotes decisiveness.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Birthstone: December.

Chakra: fifth or throat chakra.