Turquoise, history and lore

Turquoise the bringer of hope and happiness

The meaning of turquoise goes way back. The beliefs in ancient Persian were that if you wanted to escape evil and achieve happiness in your life, you first have to see the reflection of the new moon on the face of a friend or a turquoise.

Natural shield
Even with the Egyptians and Greeks only good is attributed to the turquoise. For them the turquoise was a protector against evil.

Turquoise is usually sky blue or blue / green and is found in areas where the soil is rich in copper. Besides the blue turquoise, you also can find a green variety, this green color is created under the influence of iron.


Turquoise meaning

Turquoise the guardian. For travelers, turquoise is a good protector against accidents and hazards. But turquoise is also a giver of happiness and satisfaction and last but not least promotes decisiveness.


Sleeping beauty turquoise

The beautiful sleeping beauty turquoise is a stone that does lives up to its name. Sleeping beauty turquoise is found in a mountain range in Globe Arizona, these mountains look like a sleeping woman. 

Unfortunately, the sleeping beauty turquoise mine is closed in 2012.


Turquoise spiritual

Zodiac sign: Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Birthstone: December.

Chakra: fifth or throat chakra.


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