Sugilite, history and lore

Sugilite from fluorescent pink to deep purple

Sugilite was discovered in 1944 by the Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi in Japan, Canada and India. The most important sugilite is found in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. Compared to many other minerals and precious stones sugilite is a recent discovery. For geologists an incentive to continue their search for new gems and minerals.

Sugilite also attracted the attention of Hollywood. Not many people know that Sugilite’s other tradename are Lavulite Royal and Royal Azel. The story goes that Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t resist the deep purple color of a certain necklace.  It didn’t take long before the royal azel aka sugilite necklace was part of her royal jewelry collection.  We can imagine that the fluorescent pink sugilite was a stuning eye catcher amongst her diamonds.

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Sugilite is a special stone that brings spiritual wisdom and love. This stream of love helpes all chakras to come in line. Meditating with sugilite helps to get answers to your life questions.

Purple is the color of spirituality. 

Chakra: 7th (crown) chakra.