Aquamarine, history and lore


Aquamarine loved by Greek and Romans

Greek and Romans already used aquamarine in jewelry in the 3rd century BC. Intaglio’s, an engraved or incised scenery, often of the sea, were set in brooches.


Aquamarine the sailors gem

In the past it was believed that aquamarine protected ocean travelers during their long trips and assuring them a safe return home. Therefore this gem is also known as the ‘sailor’s gem’.

Aquamarine gemstone family

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family, like emerald (green), morganite (pink) and heliodor (yellow). The less well-known family members are goshenite (colorless) and bixbite (red).

Aquamarine is found in different places around the world but Brazil is the most wellknown place to find this blue gem.

Aquamarine healing properties

The aquamarine has a calming effect on the wearer and it protects also when traveling. 
Chakra: 5th or throat chakra.

Aquamarine and the zodiac signs

The aquamarine belongs to the zodiac signs Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini and Libra.
Aquamarine is the birthstone March.

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