Cleaning gemstone jewelry

The best way to clean your gemstone jewelry

An option is to go to a jewelry store to clean your jewelry. But you can also clean your jewelry yourselves. Wipe your jewelry off with a jewelry/silver polishing cloth.

Gemstone jewelry cleaning

Do you want to clean a ring or bracelet with precious gems? Give them a gentle bath with warm water and mild soap. You can also use a small soft brush (toothbrush) to remove the dirt in difficult spots or use a soft damp cloth.


Cleaning opals

Opals are delicate gemstones, so be always careful when you clean them. Opals consist largely of water. It is quite possible that there are cracks in the opal caused by dehydration. Therefore don't store your opal in a too dry place. The safest way to clean your opal is to use a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning pearls

Clean pearls after wearing them with a soft cloth to remove perfum and make-up residues. The house rule of pearls is: The latest thing, so after make-up and parfum, you do is putting your pearls on and when home the first thing you do is taking hem off. Store pearls never with other gemstones.