Birthstone August

Birthstone August peridot


  1. Peridot is one of three birthstone for August, next to spinel and sardonyx
  2. This green gem belongs to the zodiac signs Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius
  3. Peridot is also called olivine or chrysolite
  4. The grassy green gemstone helps to overcome fears and depression but is also a protective stone
  5. Some pieces of raw peridot are very old and they have even been found in meteorites
  6. The Egyptians called it the stone of the sun
  7. Peridot has always been associated with light and some people believe that a peridot set in gold protects you from nightmares
  8. Faridat is the Arabic word for gem
  9. There are historians who suspect that Cleopatra's famous emerald jewelry may have been a fine peridot collection
  10. Even in the Middle Ages, the peridot gemstones in the shrine of the Three Kings in the Cologne Cathedral were mistaken for emeralds. You can imagine that in the early days gemology was not as advanced as it is today. This makes these stones in this shrine the best known peridot gemstones.


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