January birthstone garnet


January birthstone garnet, meaning and history

  1. The versatile garnet occurs in many beautiful colors. Besides the well-known red garnet, they are also available in warm yellow, green, pink, purple and even black.
  2. Garnet is one of the gemstones that belongs to the zodiac sign Aries and the January birthstone.
  3. The green tsavorite and the yellow hessonite are the lesser known relatives of the red garnet. 
  4. Brazil, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Russia, Sri Lanka are just a few of the many countries where the beautiful garnet is found.
  5. The red garnet also has a spiritual side. This beautiful gem gives energy and supports perseverance and will power and not only for those with the zodiac sign Aries.
  6. In the Middle Ages, the garnet was worn as a talisman to protect the wearer from injuries.
  7. The red garnet belongs to the root chakra.
  8. The red garnet is one of the four gems that King Solomon received from God.
  9. And what do you think about this fun fact the garnet was given to Egyptian mummies as financial security for life after death. I think the mummies end up in a world where the currency is garnet.


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