Working from home and your jewelry

Working from home and your jewelry

Which gemstone jewelry do you wear when working from home?

Do you wear jewelry when working from home?

In this blog we will give you a few inspirations about wearing gemstone jewelry when you are at home and also look at the meaning of gemstones. Do you wear gemstone jewelry when you are working from home? Or are you more the type of girl who prefers to snuggle behind the laptop in sweatpants, a comfy sweater and no  jewelry at all? But... did you know that a colorful outfit and gemstone jewelry can contribute to a good feeling? Kicking the day off with choosing nice casual clothes and selecting colorful gemstone jewelry can give you a positivity boost that can last all day long. And... maybe the spiritual meaning of the gemstones can also help to brighten your day.


How to choose your gemstone jewelry

Do you prefer your casual outfit with statement earrings or do you opt for that minimal piece of jewelry with your favorite gemstone? Our basic rule is always: pick that piece of gemstone jewelry that catches your eye. There are days that you perhaps prefer a striking color to make a statement in an (online) meeting and on other days you are maybe in the mood for a more basic color.

Did you know that the meaning of a gemstone can also affect how you feel? And that's maybe the reason why your eye caught that citrine or amethyst.


Wearing jewelry during an online meeting

A beautiful pair of gemstone earrings and a colorful outfit can stand out, especially during your online meetings. It can even replace that coffee chat in the workplace where we compliment each other with that nice dress or beautiful ring. Just a friendly chat like we did in the old times, who wouldn't want that. Do you have a relaxed day without meetings? Then it can be nice to opt for a minimalist piece of jewelry with of course a beautiful gemstone. And then it's really cool if you know a little more about the gemstone meaning.

- does the jewelry suit you
- does the colors match your outfit
- check if the gemstone meaning match your feeling, it can differ from day to day
- choose the piece of jewelry that makes you happy, actually this is directly linked to the gemstone meaning
- 'less is more' applies to your clothing, but certainly also to your jewelry
- make sure the jewelry does not reflect in your screen.


Do you want to know more about the gemstone meaning and how this can benefit you? Go to gemstones for more information. But of course you don't always have to be guided by the meaning of gemstones sometimes you can just wear them because they are gorgeous.

Send an email if you want some advice about buying your personal gemstone.



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