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Casual encounters 

Do you know that feeling? You meet someone and the jewelry this person is wearing fascinates you. I always tend to go to her to have a close look at her jewelry. I just cannot hide my passion for minerals and gemstones and it is always a fabulous start of a conversation. I begin to sparkle and want to know all about her jewelry. People also appreciate it when I tell them about the history and origin of the gemstones they are wearing, often they do not know.


Colorful gemstones and jewelry

The colour, shiny appearance can give you the feeling that the stone is alive. Certain gems like emerald and garnet may have inclusions, which shows a world in itself. The agates and jaspers are by their colours and drawings true pieces of art. The peculiarity of this stone is that everyone sees his own painting. Everybody see something different, that makes each piece unique.

Often it is these gems and minerals in a piece of jewelry that stand out first. Well-designed jewelry makes it complete.  Fortunately, gems and minerals are much more affordable than it was before. If we are on a shopping trip we are always choose the best quality gems and minerals. We want to remain as close as possible to the natural gemstone or the mineral.


Gemologist Kiliaan Jewelry

Because of my training at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) I'm, as a graduate gemologist, critical about all stones that pass my hands. Do you have a desire for a certain gemstone or mineral, and you do not find it on our site? Let me know. I will search for the gemstone to help you to get the piece of jewellery you want.

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Certified gemologist colored gemstones, diamonds and pearls (GG) GIA