Gemstone Taurus

Sapphire and zodiac sign Tauro


Spiritual meaning sapphire

  1. Sapphire belongs together with the ruby to the Corundum group. Ruby is the only red variety in the corundum group besides the multi colors of the sapphire. All the colors of the sapphire together form a beautiful color palet.
  2. This beautiful gemstone fits perfect with the zodiac signs Tauro en Virgo.
  3. It's the September birthstone.
  4. The most colorful sapphires and the top color blue sapphire are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania and Australia
  5. Spiritual meaning of sapphire: commitment and loyalty. It is also the stone of wisdom
  6. Magical power: The blue sapphire protects against jealousy and danger
  7. Chakra: 5th chakra (throat chakra)
  8. Most famous blue sapphire: engagement ring of Lady Di and Kate Middleton
  9. Like other gemstones the sapphire was also used as decoration on gowns and coats of the royalty
  10. History: in Ancient Greek and Rome the blue sapphire was a must-have for kings and queens. They were convinced that the blue sapphire provided protection against envy and danger.


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