Kiliaan Jewelry Stackable rings

Handmade sterling silver stackable rings

Sterling silver stackable rings with all kind of colors gemstones. The stackable rings from the Kiliaan Jewelry collection are all handmade by our local silversmith on Bali. The gemstones we are using for the stackable rings are handpicked. Every year we will choose new colors and gemstones some are more classic colors and some colors are based on the latest trends. With the available colors you can mix & match a stackable ring set according your own style. Do you prefer bold jewelry maybe four rings are an option for you or are you more the one who picks the dainty style jewelry? Than 2 rings is the best fit for you.


Kiliaan Jewelry gemstone stackable rings

Do you wear a lot of golden jewelry but also eying some silver ones? The citrine stackable ring is really cool when combined with gold jewelry and of course with our other eye candy stackable gemstones rings. Check out the stackables.

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